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Why do we fear failure?

"When we give ourselves permission to fail, we, at the same time, give ourselves permission to excel."

— Eloise Ristad

We all probably don't want to see this word called 'Failure' in our life. We run in the opposite direction whenever we come across Failure. Why are we so afraid to face this? Why aren't we brave enough to deal with it?

If you're are wondering the same question then I think you should read this article because I want you to know that you're not the only one afraid to come face to face with this word. We all are.

From the beginning of our life, we have been trained to excel and nothing else. We have been brought up saying "just complete your 10th boards and then you're are all set with your life" right? Then we heard our parents saying the same thing for our 12th boards then graduation then basically some other competitive exams. All we heard that how things will upgrade itself once we clear this exam or the other one. All these sayings made us nervous & built tension inside us and made us think over the situation what if I didn't clear the exam or what if I am not good enough to do so. And we start to think what if I am a disappointment to all these expectations and eventually this all makes the heap of fear inside us. And we avoid even thinking about failure. But isn't failure is the second face of the outcome of an event? Either we get success in a situation or we get failure so basically there's a 50% probability to both of them then why are we so afraid of even thinking about it let alone experiencing it?

There are so many questions that we all need answers to and I feel we will get them once we start accepting the fact that we are not perfect and there will be times where we need to apply the try and error method in our lives too. And it's okay to feel failure once in a while this is the only way to know the flaws and daunts of oneself. This is the only way one will improve himself and work on a better version of himself otherwise there won't be any evolution to humankind and everyone will be a similar version of each other.

There are many reasons why we don't want to face failure in our life and one of the reasons is when we start comparing ourselves to another. Because it's what we have done since childhood. We have always been comparing ourselves to some 'Sharma Ji Ka beta' and felt bad for our situation. For our own piece of mind even before facing failure or success, we should stop comparing ourselves to others then only we can survive our failure or live our success properly.

When I say that we need to accept the failure too I meant that we shouldn't be in a hurry to be in that position where that 'xyz' person is and because we feel that we will be left behind In this world where everyone will have their picture-perfect life. A friend of mine has told me once 'Just because laxmi chit fund scheme has charmingly worked for some person doesn't means apna din nahi aayega'. So you just keep working on yourself with all heart and hard work and that will pay you off if not now then in some time but it will. Keep your mind solely focused on your goal and everyday work on it.

- Taheera Ahmed

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