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Identifying The Need of HELP

We have this feeling of lacking, moronic or even shame if we need help with something. But let me tell you it's's okay to need help, everybody at some point in their life needs support. It might be physical help, emotional help or motivational help, or even financial help. Taking someone's help or needing help and support is not a sign of weakness, it's just a phase of life where alone you can fight and might win or might not at all win but with someone by your side you can fight and might win the whole thing or face the failure as a team

Let's start with the basics - the first step is admitting that you need help, if you do not admit to yourself then no one can help you not even you.

The second and most important step is taking that leap of faith and letting someone in on your tale. Because in my opinion, people are not mind-readers; until you do not share your troubles, no one can listen to them or provide the help you need. This person can be anyone; even strangers can help in some situations where loved ones fail. It's just telling your problems to someone, helps you unload the burden and when you tell someone you may get the solution by yourself. It's like seeing your problem with a new perspective.

The third step is brainstorming solutions. Now I am sure that you alone must have figured out 100 ways to solve your problem but now you have somebody who will have 100 ways more...I am not saying the more people you tell the more solutions you will have. But certainly, you will feel more light about the problem you are facing and your mind is at ease and you can brainstorm more solutions and understand more. And not necessarily the problem you are facing is unique, maybe a lot of people will be facing a similar issue or even may have overcome their obstacle and can help you efficiently. I know there are situations where no one can really help you, sometimes there will be no solution to your hurdles but keeping it yourself may hurt more instead talking will lessen the pain of going through it alone.

I know asking for help isn't easy but trust me, I am not even remotely suggesting that you should ask for help. You should just let people in and talk to them. I bet half of the problem will solve itself then and there and sometimes the whole problem will become mute. It is not easy to let people see your vulnerable side thinking they will take advantage or simply afraid of what people will think. But trust me, if you trust the right people, people will come through for you. If you help people in their worst time they will come to help you. It's like Some great man once said, "Loyalty is a two-way street, if I am asking you for it then you are getting it from me."

Just trust people and more than that, trust yourself. Trust yourself to trust the right people, to let people in, to take someone's help. Do not keep bottling up your emotions, Sometimes it is bound to explode. And trust me when that happens, it's not pretty. People do not always come into your life with bad intentions. Trust yourself to find your true friends from the lot and trust them, talk to them when you don't feel good, talk about your problems and help them solve theirs. Just remember, When we give cheerfully and accept gratefully, everyone is blessed.

- Poorva Hingne


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