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Behind Closed Doors

Read this book by B.A. Paris, and couldn't stop myself reading it cover to cover in one go.

This book not only gave me chills down the spine but also made me think of how deep-rooted hatred is, in one's mind. Behind Closed Doors is a debut thriller by the author B.A. Paris. It was released in the year 2016. The book is so addictive and disquiet that it is next to impossible without reading it through and through.

Without giving you any spoiler I would say behind closed doors is a story about a couple Grace and Jack, who seems to be madly in love and joined by the hip. Who does everything together whether it's shopping or lunch with Grace's friends. Seems to take romantic holidays now and then but you see this is not a Romantic book, this is about a psychopath who relieves his joy in the fear of others. It's a thriller that will no doubt keep you up and make you turn page after page because the remnants of the real story Behind Closed Doors, is for us to discover.

Now why I want you all to read this book is to analyze the fact that things that seem normal or the over-possessive/ caring behavior of a partner is not always love. Observe the red flags around you for yourself and the one near and dear to you and report them rather than ignoring them as a personal matter.

Also, this book gives us a special character Millie, Grace's little sister, she taught me that you have to protect &help your family no matter how little and insignificant others consider you.

Read this book and decide for yourself that, are we as a society believing the perception of a scenario, or bothered to know the truth of both sides of a story.

This book certainly gave me goosebumps at certain times but I want your point of view too. So read and let me know.

- Taheera Ahmed


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