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Busting the Myths of ‘Positivity’ : Deepali Nayak

We constantly hear people saying “I want to feel positive by thinking only positive thoughts” and right there, just like that, they confuse the meaning of positivity completely. In these testing times, it’s understandable that you want to ‘feel good’ about yourself, but really, is this long-lasting? Read on, to crack this myth around the widely used term ‘Positivity’ and ways to overcome it.

Positivity is when our thoughts and feelings are in sync with each other. However, we tend to categorize positivity as either ‘Positive Thinking’ or ‘Positive Feeling’ when the truth is that positivity can be neither of those- it’s just a state of mind. Let’s make that clear using a simple equation.

Positivity = Rational/ Realistic thoughts + good/ manageable feelings

The drawback with most of us is that we misrepresent the definition of positivity in our heads to be this fanciful, wishful and far-fetched idea. In reality, we are humans and all of us have fears, insecurities, traumas and our share of recurrent obsessive negative thoughts. Denying to face these issues by working through them and just being hopeful that the situation ‘may’ get better, will give a sense of ‘False’ Positive Thinking or Feeling. If there are emotions and thoughts that are overpowering our daily routine, then we need to address them right away, realistically.

The next obvious question would be “How to do that?” Firstly, when you go on an obsessive negative thoughts rampage in your head, PAUSE. Be aware of the thought that passed through your mind. Was the thought related to yourself, others around you whom you know, or the society in general? Identifying our thoughts will help us find patterns in our thinking process. Gather yourself and take that pause now. Can you be conscious of your thoughts?

Secondly, ask yourself “How did this thought make me feel?” In recent times, it has become challenging for us to express and communicate what we feel and how much. For example, we can be content, glad, happy, excited or ecstatic or we could be uneasy, tense, worried, anxious or panicked. Take a moment and try analyzing the emotion you are holding onto. Can you pinpoint your most authentic feelings right now?

Fortunately, we are all work in progress. It takes time and effort, but we can unlearn old patterns, and learn new rational thoughts and emotions. The minute you can tweak these thoughts as well as emotions and objectively examine them so that they are not overwhelming you any more, then you have transitioned into a “Positive state of mind”.

Now this is easier said than done for some of us. Add the taboo of mental health to the mix and we often have a recipe for self-destruction. This is when you are most vulnerable and cling on to faith and hope thereby giving a false sense of positivity while the pot is boiling underneath. Having faith and hope is good, but it is better when it's aided with ACTION from your side to manage your thoughts and emotions. Faith and hope would make you ‘feel good’ temporarily while supporting actions would actually help you ‘get better’ by dealing with your fears, insecurities and traumas

The awareness regarding mindfulness is spreading rapidly. The combination of Pranic healing and Counseling can aid you to have control over your thoughts and emotions. Counseling is relatively known to you- its talk therapy. Pranic Healing, on the other hand, is an alternative therapy that can assist in counseling, which you may not know much about.

“What is Pranic Healing and how does it work?” We have two bodies- a physical body and an energy body. The energy body works in tandem with the physical body. Prana is the “life force” that keeps our body alive. The energy body is also known as ‘Aura’ which has ‘Chakras’. Chakras control and energize the vital organs in our body to keep them functioning healthily. Medical Science has proven the existence of aura and the fact that negative thoughts and emotions directly affect the aura and thereby our bodies’ psychological well-being. Pranic healing, thus helps to influence chakras and their energy level to make them function properly.

So, are you willing to take the leap? The question is “Do you want to shift your life from ‘I feel and think Positive’ syndrome to the perspective of ‘I want to get better by managing my thoughts and emotions’?”

If yes, Reach Out!!

- Deepali Nayak


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