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Do The Females Need Empowerment? : Dr. Upena Dalal

Empowerment of women is the extent of autonomy and self-determination in the female community. On every women's day, special attention is given to the females and there are a lot of pampering messages representing the greatness of female-hood, qualities of females, etc. Many females are given special awards and recognitions on this special day, to those females who are already empowered. A number of women-oriented programs and shows are organized among the females who already are awakened and know their rights, who have their social, economic, and professional status. Sometimes, it is felt that the female-oriented programs are organized forcibly or as show business is just because the importance of females must not degrade, or show must go on. Even on mothers' day, the same thing happens for mothers. Very little importance is given to men's day or fathers' day. The Male and father community might have accepted it as a social trend, respecting 'women's rights as human rights. Don’t you feel that everything is known to everyone for years and years, but no one wants to speak anything? I am a female and I never felt the gender distinction in my personal and professional life, the same is the case with my two daughters. I firmly believe that this is the problem created by the society in general, only by a few people, maybe by the males who do not want their females to be leaders or the females who want to take the advantage of their female-hood in the different domains, and that the things will propagate among the illiterate people wrongly, passing on the wrong message, setting the wrong trends.

God has created two genders with no distinctions in the birth process, growth of body, intellectual abilities, opportunities, etc. Then why the question of female empowerment only? On one side the female is the symbol of the strength of ‘Maa Shakti Jagdamba’, who has the ability to get the victory over an ‘Asura’ or demon born with superhuman powers, at the other side she needs such extra attention in the society to enable her views and interests in a self-centered way. Who has told that females have no freedom of speech and opinion? If a female has all the capabilities and deserving, she can achieve higher positions and recognition in the social and professional fields, and no one can stop her.

The question of empowerment does not arise as far as household activities and associated skills are concerned. Females rule the houses and all associated activities including cooking, grocery, child-care and development, etc. she will be a decision-maker always and will act as a leader if such activities are defined by God for her. She will perform her duties gracefully. Hardly a few men interfere with these activities. These are time-consuming and monotonous activities. The females who are self-motivated or needy in terms of financial aspects have overcome these issues and come out from home establishing their own status and managing the life with a balance on both aspects. But a few females believe that, if they do the household activities, they must get the income from their husband, even they don't feel that they are dependent, on the contrary, they feel that it is their right to get money from their husband to meet the expenses. Such females might not have thought of women empowerment ever.

Very few females are dominated by ill-minded or illiterate or obstinate men who have no idea about the multidimensional growth of the society, otherwise, majorly all the females are living their lives gracefully, no matter she is a lady selling the vegetables on the street-road/market or sewing the cloths, or doing catering, or working in an office. I don't understand any separate requirement for women reservations or any problems about their economic empowerment to improve their status for well-being and their right to get the benefits from the resources, assets, income, etc., because things are mostly balanced. As such there should not be any separate word like women empowerment, but actually, the word is created by few females only and they bring forward a few men too, for the support of this foggy concept, to prove that they are right. They don’t have a concept that the social scenario is very different than 100 years back, and they want to cook their own food by raising such issues.

It is observed in the society that even after being a female the mother will not train her son to do the household activities, and will make him wife dependent, which the mother has done for her husband too and this sequenced trend continues, which passes on the wrong message. So, males living with the whole family have assumed that they have to do nothing except earning activity and such a vicious cycle continues setting the trends in the society. The males working far from home have different mindsets as they experienced the household activities being self-dependent. On the contrary, females are trained with the mindset that they have to adopt the husband and his family after marriage, so they must be trained with the household skills…. And a majority of females accept it and once she starts managing the home, she becomes the dominating person. If she has everything she needs, her own house, enough money, children, obedient husband, satisfied in all respect, then she does not want to go outside to establish herself in society and spends the time in fashion, leisure, kitty parties, etc……..Great irony…….Women empowerment drive becomes an illusion thus.

The only issue of gender discrimination is a serious matter to handle in the society or the male-dominated professions because of the ill-minded males, who misuse the females based on her gender or they may have wrong beliefs while offering the job that females will have thousands of reasons to take the leave from the job. When the physically hard jobs are there, females are avoided. Sometimes females do not accept the night duties in the job for their safety and security. But these situations do not imply the women empowerment drive because there are ample options and opportunities. There are world-renowned ladies who are among the billionaires and considered among business tycoons. Many female entrepreneurs are there. Empowerment word is very small for them. If Gunjan Saxena can get the recognition, all others for sure. Self-motivation and determination are most important. Give opportunities to the females rather than making her sympathetic she will prove herself definitely.


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