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Women's Rights, Differences & Individuality : Fatemeh Owrang

How can we talk about equality between men and women in a culture where an unknown and hidden woman is preferred at home? This is a bitter lie claiming that they have equal rights. However, we are not able to talk about their inequality because there are so many differences in their nature, abilities, talents, and individuality. In fact, true feminism means having more femininity in women who do not try to act like a man or compare themselves with them or compete with men. But actually, She fully accepts herself as a woman. And she is happy and proud of her gender. Progress has been made on women's equal rights and freedoms, but there is still a long way to achieve all their rights. Many women in the world are victims of violence. Violence is not necessarily physical. Today, physical violence is obsolete. Violence is not always great. There are many minor violations. This can be non-physical and emotional violence. Violence also includes passive aggression and humiliation, which can kill a woman's emotions. This means that you are nothing and I can do anything with you and you have no right to speak up. Throughout history or in any religion or culture around the world, these rights have not been equal for women. Dominance over women by men in the family and society is not logical at all because of their gender as a man and apart from their wisdom, ability, and knowledge. Respecting a woman means accepting her full right to live her personal life the way she wants. A woman as a mother is not a holy superhero to restrict her freedom by that.

I am not a philosopher, a psychologist, or a lawyer. I am a woman who, if she wants to do something, no one can stop her. The creature that can have the most care and love and can also be the most insensitive and hard-hearted. Aggression or emotional violence never means managing a woman, but it creates a feeling of hatred in her heart. Some women are naturally attracted to the power of the man who indirectly dominates them.

This is probably due to a strong natural instinct in the nature of some women, or there are women who do not have enough self-confidence and need strong support in life. But if a weak man with low self-esteem wrongly decides to manage a powerful woman with high knowledge and self-confidence, her life will be like hell.

Every woman needs someone who constantly admires her talents, abilities, and her power and trusts her. A husband’s view of his wife is like magic that subconsciously leads her to success or failure. He can make her sick and cause her many physical and mental problems because she does not consider herself worthy of success because of the impact of his words. However, Keeping a partner happy is a skill that everyone can definitely learn.

Every woman has the right to experience an independent and free personal life. She is a human being before being a woman and before taking on the various roles as a wife or mother. These responsibilities never limit her rights as a human being. Our world needs strong, brave, and happy women, enthusiastic and energetic women who are fearless, who can achieve their right, who are capable, passionate, high-confidence, and full of femininity. A woman who does not compare herself to men and does not fight with other women or doesn’t feel jealous.

A woman who knows herself and knows her true value and power. A woman who never allows anyone to restrict her freedom just because she is a woman. Biological differences are not an excuse for silence in the face of oppression and injustice. A confident woman does not allow anyone to criticize the way she dresses, talks, or puts on makeup. He does not allow anyone to blame his body shape or the most private issues of her life. She can give love, joy, and excitement to her beloved ones and everyone around her when she is the first one who is full of happiness and love.

All women have the right to experience independence and freedom and separate individual space, even in their married life. In fact, women choose someone as a partner who gives them stability, security, and family and protects them well. Most of them neglect their joy and happiness and their rights and freedoms. It is always translated that women care less about pleasure and happiness, but this is not true. This is because romantic relationships between couples are more likely to be lost in long-term relationships such as marriage. Because gratitude decreases. Because praise and admiration are gone. Because couples have not maintained their individualism.

Even if they share all their lives with their partner, respecting the partner’s individual space is very necessary and each of them should invest in positive activities and interests in their own personal life without attaching to the other one.

- Fatemeh Owrang


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