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Harry Potter by J.K.Rowling

This may come as a surprise that why I chose such a renowned series to review. But let me tell you many of my own friends and family haven’t read the harry potter series yet. And I always start with basics. I started with harry potter when I decided to explore English literature. It has been my true companion all of my life’s phases and continued to do so.

Many will ask questions that why to read harry potter when we have perfectly good Harry potter movies to watch instead. So let me tell you not all the plot of the book is there in the movie. Many of the character developments are hiding in behind the scenes. Even various characters are not introduced in the movies. Even major part of Harry’s character growth is missing in the movies. So in order to know all these reading these books are important.

These books have everything...Starting from adventure, magic…to most common but always rare friendships and love. The very intelligent and powerful wizard as villain and very humble, patient and sassy Hero. Yes, we don’t get to see sassy harry in the movies. That’s another reason to read.

The books lead me to believe that magical world and (as much as I hate to say this) our world can coexist. Maybe Hogwarts is some old rustic burnt building in the sidewalk. Maybe even the 9 and 3 quarters platform exist between the walls of 9 and 10 in king cross station. Maybe we did see many strange things like a flying car but our memory is wiped off to secure their world. Maybe J. K. Rowling is actually Rita Skeeter who just want to avenge the magical world by revealing their secrets but we are too adamant to believe her. Just maybe someday even my letter will come.

I guarantee that people will keep reading these books. and force their children to read it as well for at least next 100 generations. And only reason people stop reading these books will be because they have been converted into robots.

It is a must read book…and if you haven’t read it…then please do read and share your experience. If you already are a potter-head then do tell me if I did justice to this review.

Hope you all read Harry potter and if you have read it then read it again ;)

Keep reading and stay tuned for more further reviews.

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