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If Tomorrow Comes - Sidney Sheldon

I know I should not have written this book review as thousands of them are already available and describe perfectly well how awesome this book is. But I wanted to pour my heart out and point out so many things that I couldn’t resist myself

This crime fiction novel is about a female protagonist “ Tracy Whitney” who is framed by a mafia gang and then her vengeance on them and later follows her through her life as a con artist. It has twists and turns on almost every page. Every experience , every incident that happens in her life leaves you in amazement ,wonder and somewhat in doubt. And for this amazing string of unknowns ,The author has given an unexpected ending which leave the readers awestruck.

The character development of Tracy is what I find amazing in this book. Sidney Sheldon establishes the characters firmly to the story line that is far different even from the imagination so that you wouldn’t stop admiring them. And the transformation of Tracy from a innocent and young girl to this powerful, witty woman is quite convincing and acceptable.

This novel keeps you engaged throughout the book and always keeps you on toes as to what will happen next. I believe the skill and wit of the author is tested when he wanted to portray a character as witty. And the characters of this story are so intelligent, witty and sly.

This novel is written in 1985 , in the era where women were portrayed as weak and spineless and only worth seeing as a marriage material, this book written by a man who portrays its lead protagonist ( a woman ) with ironclad persona and extremely witty and smart attitude , really is worth reading.

If you love intrigue , crime and vengeance and simply witty stories, you should definitely give this novel a try.

- Poorva Hingne


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