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"Survival of the fittest" is a phrase that originated from Darwin evolutionary theory  as a way of describing the mechanism of natural selection.The biological concept of fitness is defined as reproductive success.

We have been learning this from ages that we as human should not show any sign of weakness otherwise the society won't accept us.So we have learned to wrap up our emotions by not caring for others and for ourselves.We have forgot the meaning of life and now we are just surviving each day with one or the  another problem.In the race of being the fittest we have forgot to care for our soul

which has been crushed by these norm of the society that keeps a facade of a happy mind set.

How can we repair our mind set?

Firstly do you believe that we need a repairing in our mindset?If yes then what do you think what is damaging it?

I think all the answers lie in our very own mind.We think our happiness or our mood depend on the outside world where according to someone else's opinion we develop our likes and dislikes.

We never consider the inner voice when it comes to our well being.I don't mean that we don't think about our self,we do because eventually we are humans and we always think of ourselves first,But I am talking about the mental well being where we are just ignorant about it.Understanding of physical pain is very easy and we tend to follow the instruction where we try to keep distance from physical pain,for example if we touch a hot pan we will sense a physical pain and will remember not to do that again.But this is not how we treat our mental pain We ignore it ,because we have never been taught to indulge with that pain and think about its cure.The era we are experiencing right now, is the time where people are portraying their best on every social media or every platform possible.Its good that we can showcase our talent and experience but at the same time some people are getting insecurities of their own and it is not only because they are comparing themselves with others no,but they are also  questioning their own existence.Is this good to question your own existence no!to help that we should always talk to someone or stop judging ourselves because firstly not everything on internet is true and secondly every person is different.We as a human have to understand that there is no race going on and everyone is living with their own pace. Its not necessary that you and me will reach our success point at the same time so there is no need for comparing and self doubt.

Repairing of our mind  set will take time because we have been programmed like this for many years where we always race from one another ,meanwhile talk to others ,don't bottle up your emotions and always remember to just keep breathing because at the end that's all matters.

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