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Life is an ongoing process

You see we always plan for certain things and it won't turn out sometimes as we were wishing for and that makes us lose our focus and hope towards it.

As we know in today's time where most of us has planned out our future what we want to do in the coming years with respect to our job Or higher studies or life in general but due to current scenario nothing is going according to the plan and this is making us anxious and a head full of self doubt. It's okay if you're feeling anxious towards your future as in what's going to happen with the new lifestyle but at the same time don't let that feeling overpower your sanity.

If you ask me how am I adjusting in this current situation, honestly I am having a very difficult time with it. Not because living with  family is bringing out that problem no, sometimes you are your own enemy when it comes to over thinking and being a with a constant fear or worry. Those who are living alone in these times must be a little more difficult for them. I agree time is testing right now but we have to maintain the sanity and make sure we are not losing our focus towards our plan and even if you don't have a plan right now it's okay this is the right time to make new one. Because now the future holds a totally different opportunity for everyone. This is the time when we can really think about ourselves. Not the outer perspective but the actual inner soul. Search for your inner calling what actually makes you happy with life.

The way things our rolling right now it's certain that we have to learn to live with our company. With social distancing and quarantine life we are spending a lot of time with ourselves and with that we have a lot of time to explore the inside and outside of our brain. So make sure you are not being toxic with yourself. Now you probably be smirking at my last line with being toxic with your own self. Well let me tell you this that humans never miss an fortuity to judge or analyze, even if they are doing that to themselves. So it's just a small step to maintain your sanity that you stop being toxic to yourself. Don't judge yourself every time you do something or if you're not doing anything at the moment and trying to figure out things for yourself. Stop self analyzing everything you did are going to do. And least but not the last one stop baiting yourself because you're comparing yourself with "that" person who's doing good right now. Because "that" person has reached in a good place with their own process of dealing things. You don't know the depth and struggle of someone's life when you're just focusing on their success. Appreciate their success and wish the same or more for yourself but at the same time don't forget to acknowledge their struggle.

We need to understand that the struggle and difficulties we may be feeling right now will may delay the planned destination but won't cancel it out. Remember this every human being is designed differently at the same time their life experiences too. No human is  born with a manual so we don't have a textbook solution for our problem we have to understand ourselves first, then deal with the situation. Take deep calm breaths when problem tries to overpower you.

At long last I would just like to say it's okay if things are not going according to the plan it's okay if you don't have a plan because now is the time to discover one. Because it's never late to start. It will be overwhelming in the start but don't lose your sanity. Take one day at a time, breakdown your problem deal with them separately and then move forward. Help yourself with meditation and deep breathing. Eat healthy stay safe and just take care of yourself.  

- Taheera Ahmed

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