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Put your thinking cap on!

“You have to change your thinking if you desire to have a future different from your present.”

Germany Kent

I was sitting in front of my laptop thinking over the last few days in my life.The kind of things happening around me .The kind of emotions I am going through and then I realized it's actually too much of everything happening lately.And trust me I freaked out like genuinely freaked out .I started wondering when was the last time I actually analyzed the turmoil happening around me.When was the last time I actually allowed myself into deep thinking and when was the last time I actually paid attention to my problems and worked towards it rather than left it like an open paper cut wound and let it heal by itself and the answer to that question was a long time ago.I then realized that somehow we all have started to process things in a different manner where we try to solve our problems either by engaging ourselves to a point where we don't think about anything except that and get obsessed over it or we just don't acknowledge it to a point where it comes to bite our back later on.The point was that we have forgotten the balance and it's not good.We need to know the boundaries of overdoing something and also of not doing anything.While going through these things I also realized that we have adopted a characteristic over the years where we pretend to be normal or at least we think that we are being normal in front of everyone but in reality we are anything other than that.The pressure that we are imposing on ourselves just to be someone we are not is so excruciating that it's crushing the soul without our knowledge.

Due to all this pretending we are left with nothing but the deep sorrow within ourselves and when all the charades of being normal around people fades what we're left with is our own mutilated thoughts.Those thoughts are now grown into deep threads of self destructing weed which were left when needed attention.Those thoughts lead you to deep thinking of what you could have done to avoid the situation and then you start blaming yourself rather than thinking of solving your problem.In today's time where we are surrounded with nothing but ourselves and our own thoughts we tend to adapt the habit of overthinking. Some are overthinking about their job,some about their studies some about their future in general.When we do this we keep repeating and playing different scenarios in our mind again and again. While some situations are pleasant to think about some thoughts lead to a path where we just see destruction with respect to our future and that leads our mind to dwell on it and we get to a point where we are constantly worried and fearing about something which has not even happened yet but just because that thought is not leaving our mind we start to believe that the worst is going to happen to us.This is the first step to self destruction we take.Lately, I have come across so many cases where people are blaming themselves of something that is not even in their control or they have blamed themselves to a point where they can not stand their own self.They have started to hate themselves because of things they can't control or solve and that has taken a toll on their mental health.I know people with over thinking nature and anxiety issues can't help but think worst of a situation and start to dwell on that. But let me tell you, this is the most toxic nature to have.This literally will ruin your mental peace and will effect you not only in the current situation but will form into a habit whenever things go south.Make sure you treat your mental health's wound same as your physical wound. Treat them before they get infection and become septic.Nowadays we have started talking and acknowledging mental health a lot which is one step to a better future.At the same time we should make sure to check on our near and dear ones regularly.But,as an individual make sure you're doing your best to help yourself.

I have experienced this myself where I get anxious over small things and make them big in my head and dwell on it for hours.How did I help myself? I talked to someone.Yes talking about your problems with someone really helps.Even if its just for few minutes or a brief discussion what you're feeling these days will help.I took advice of a friend who told me to change my routine habits by adding some really important-ones.Like regular exercise,writing a journal or just putting my feelings on a paper, this really helps because one way or the other you're detached from that feeling and can start over.And the most important is Music.I feel what we listen is what we feel.Start listening to some energetic music when you're feeling low.By doing all this your problem won't go away,it's still there waiting for you to solve it.These things will just make you ready to face them with a better mindset and a healthy approach to it.And this is all you need to solve it. Remember just few changes here & there and you overcome your weakness.

In a word I just want to say keep working on yourself,help yourself to understand the situation.Think twice before you have ill feelings for yourself,don't hate yourself. We don't hate a series if we don't vibe with its first episode because someone has recommended it we try to watch that episode and try with the second one in a hope of vibing with it later and eventually we get a hang of it.Think it that way take a step to like yourself and your thoughts.Stop fighting yourself and start fighting your problems.

- Taheera Ahmed

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