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We talk about the equality and rights of every individual. We want people to accept us at better or worse but then why we step back when we are asked to accept someone's sexual identity.

Living in the 21st century, some of us are still homophobic and aren't in acceptance of Queer. We might say that we are a progressive community but we aren't until we do every bit required to provide every individual their right to live their lives in peace without judging or humiliating them.

June is known as pride month because we are celebrating every life and the diversity of humans.

LGBTIQ is known for lesbian, gay, bisexuals, transgender, intersexual, and Queer communities. When I say some people are in denial of the Queer what I mean is they don't want to acknowledge the sexual identity of the other person. They don't want to accept that sex of a person is different from the sexual identity and social identity. Firstly, we need to understand that no one here is choosing this life but the reserve is happening. This life has chosen them just like yours. Some people in denial often call it a disease or phase but it's not. So, when I say accept diversity, it means that you are not the only category defining the sex of an individual.

Now acceptance is the first step to celebrate pride month. What is the next step?

The next step includes what are we as a society are doing. Is rights of the LBTQ community are given to them? Are they being treated equally in work, school, college, public places? Because one's sexual orientation doesn't define the limitations to work in a big company or the right to have a quality education among others.

So we as an individual should build an environment where a teenage kid or adult or any age group doesn't live in denial or fear of his or her own identity. Everyone should be free to love, free to live, and free to do anything they want to do.

And I will say that in the past couple of years I have witnessed the change. I have seen orthodox family changing a little or maybe adjusting to the fact his child's sexual identity is different. I have seen family and friends taking part in pride parades and singing and dancing to celebrate that their child is free to live and he or she is not living in denial or fear. I have seen when the government passed the 377 Act that people were happy that they will no longer be called criminal because they love someone of the same sex or they are trans-gender. I have seen happy couples of the same gender getting blessings from friends and family. So when I say Family and friends are the foundation layer, please, believe me, everyone requires strong support when fighting an identity crisis. And initially, when belonging to the LGBTIQ community you are bewildered so you want all the support and strength from your near and dear ones.

So People, be accepting of the nature of the diversity of living. Stop judging someone for who they are.

My thoughts always go to the person who is dealing with an identity crisis on top of that, judgments from his or her own family and friends. What must be going through their head when the comfort that they want to seek from their loved ones is giving them snorty comments and calling them names just because they are different from them. When I think of me being in their shoes, the turmoil of feeling I come across is something unexplainable. The mental health that goes into while dealing with such a situation is something no one talks about. Try to understand that changes are inevitable you need to grow according to the change and diversity of the living. Come on, we have been studying about Darwin since 9th grade and he has said it first "It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change."

- Taheera Ahmed


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