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Random Metaphysical Musing: GOD, GOD, AND GOD!!! : Ravindra Bhave

I think you are bored with the topic but not me. It's better than Corona chats. You guys want to enjoy the fruits of life, pursue ambitions, mint money, acquire status, and all that stuff. For you, God can wait till then. It's ok but this human life has other purposes also and that is most important. As time passes one realizes the futility of achievements as such as they are relative and short-lived.

My mediocre life dabbling in all sorts of things with multiple failures to my debit is trying to seek God, the ultimate! How impossible, but I am toddling baby steps towards Him.

Scriptures say first self-realization and God but I find it easy the other way. Look at the manifestations of God, nature with minute observation. See God's presence inanimate as well as inanimate objects and then you will realize God everywhere. Being the boss, He will direct Atma to reveal.

In today's morning visit I was just observing the leaves of every plant down to grass level. Whatta variation in each. What sheen they display only due to showers. Only water gives them that chamak whereas we eat the best of foods but our faces are lackluster.

Every leaf is different from plant to plant. What shape and size! Simply India its plethora of assorted species with each spring different colors from birth to death. But especially in western countries, it's a riot of colors in the fall season. A wonderful display of varying hues even in death.

So what is the concept of God? Who is God per se? The answer is nobody knows.

I am not talking about commoners but even saints ever after dwelling for many years by their frustrated ejaculations of ...Neti...neti, not this, not that.

Even self-realized souls don't say categorically that they have seen God.

It's simple, God is not discernible.

God is that supreme being who has created this vast universe with galaxies of rotating spheres and then particularly on earth a number of species from microcosm to giants each with a pair to propagate species onward. So it's his desire to expand the universe as well. Who is the designer of all living beings fro DNA molecule which when grows takes the shape of element He has in Mind

In the first place. This is mind-boggling absolutely

This all we see but the question remains who is God, no saints for that matter have exhibited that power of creation except performing some miracles. Even saints admit the miracles they perform at the behest of God. which means saints are not God, could we say nearer to God. My experience tells me that ultimate peace is in God's thoughts I.e. meditation......Hari Om.

- Ravindra Bhave


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