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"Tough times never last, but tough people do."– Robert H Schuller It's been quite a time that we are living a life where we are isolated from the outer world,living and sharing a space with our family or maybe alone.Some our using this time as a long needed vacation,some are treating themselves or some are brushing up their talents or maybe discovering new one. Since march not everyone is living an ideal life of comfort some are facing physical problem or some are facing mental problem.Our surrounding and media channels aren't covering either of them though.People who are stuck in between states or some work thing who are not able to reach back to their home are facing whole lot of other problems.There are few who are thinking about them and then there are few who are not able to help them and then there are some people who are just busy within themselves and trying to make profit of their own even in this hard time. All in all,what I am trying to say is everyone is undergoing different aspect of this time.I am happy for those who are utilizing every minute of it and doing something or the other but then I am more worried about the ones who are trying to live each day.Yes I am talking about the ones whom we have given label as weird ,lazy, moody,snappy,rude or something else. People nowadays are sometime so inconsiderate and always put ME in front of them that they have forgotten the feelings of others.Talking about the inconsideration somehow people have forgotten the hardship migrants or the poor are facing.Already we are facing a pandemic and now hunger,we are not realizing that monsoon will be soon entering and then there will be another level of problems due to it.There are few people who are doing their best to reduce all the physical hardship for people like them.But we need more good people working for them,doing good deeds.Well,this was something physical problems that we were facing and some are coming forward with help but what about the mental health issues why no one is talking about them why no one is coming forward to address that issue.I am sure most of us our overthinking about the future  scenario.Most of us are tensed that whats gonna  happen with our job,exams and even our further study plan.Some are undergoing depression due to their current living scenario where,there must be issues around them not related to academics but related to their personal life where they aren't living in a happy house. Most of us ignore the fact that not every household is a healthy one to live in,that's why we used to escape to outer world but now when we are living under same roof with those who aren't giving the environment where you can breathe properly I know how it must be.Some are sharing roof  with a person who has hurt them from the core or sometimes living alone for a long time isn't healthy for you and around this time when we  aren't able to meet our loved ones it's really hard for everyone. Sometimes a good escape from our own thoughts our healthy for us and we the millennial come to social media to relax.But sometimes this platform only gives us anxiety or pressure to give ace performance because someone is flexing their abilities and talent on it.I am not at all calling those people out because maybe the constant show of their talent or posting everything related to their good work abilities and talent has a good intention but maybe some are getting affected with it.So instead of being a critic to their work or getting upset about your situation start channelizing that energy to improve your mental space where someone else say doesn't bother you nor someone else presence giving you hard time.Try to channelize your inner turmoil with some work .The positivity of doing something will give you a little escape from you minds constant thinking and maybe that work could turn out  good.Maybe you have discovered something good in the midst of all this.The key to improve any situation is consistency.Be consistent in doing something every day.We all are in the same boat,trying to live each day with mental and physical peace.So don't worry times are surely testing and you maybe failing on those test but lucky us we can revisit these test because everyday is a new beginning so don't be hard on yourselves just be tough enough for each day.


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