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Two Sides of the Same Coin

A coin has two sides and we have our own reason to know why. The sides of the coin show the opposite aspect of a situation, but do you really feel are they different? The experiences we get by analysing the situations, observations and understanding in life, sometimes make us feel that what the world classifies as good or bad is real or unreal. I feel the two sides of the same coins signify the same thing. It's just how we interpret it.

Once I was walking down the street. I found my long-lost school friend just passed by my side in a BMW car. I was very shocked to see him driving such an expensive car. In my school, he was always below average dumb guy. He did not do well in his studies and did not go for higher education (college). The incident took me to the flashback where I was struggling hard to get into IIT and I could manage to get into VJTI. Still I did not lose hopes and did my best in engineering to land a job with TCS, India's most reputed company. I also remember my friend who was driving the car always partying with others and enjoying life. He was very careless and hardly took part in any activities conducted by school. All the memories and the time spent of 10 years just flashed into my sight and I was lost into it. Soon I remembered that my friend’s father is a great businessman and due to which I could now relate my friend driving a BMW. I was angry over this situation and cursed God for making me face all the hardships and giving a delightful environment to my friend who hardly does any work. I said to god “You are the creator and you have been so biased, I hate you for being so unfair. How could you give success to such a person who has not worked hard nor smart. Just because he has his father’s legacy does not mean that he deserves such luxuries. He has an expensive car and here I am walking on my feet in such hot weather”. In anger, I moved ahead.  

Other scenario: I had been just moved ahead half a kilometre and I saw a beggar begging on the road. He had no legs. His clothes were torn and he seemed to be very old. Looking at him, I felt sorry for him. I thought of helping him with some money and so I did. When I handed money to him, he thanked me and God for such a favour and blessed me. I felt happy. Suddenly, a feeling engulfed me. I felt very sorry for my thoughts about god just a few moments back. I apologised saying “Oh my dear God, I am so sorry to curse you. You are so kind to me. I am thankful to you that I can walk on the road, I have legs. Unlike the poor guy begging on the road. At Least I am having a better life than him and I should have been satisfied with what I have. At Least, I am not begging and can feed my family. I am also very healthy and my body functions well. Thank you once again god for being so kind to me. Also I am thankful to you as you have given me power to help the poor guy.” 

Two scenarios were presented to you. What do you feel gives the positive vibes? Which type of thinking has a positive aspect to it. What do you feel after reading the text? Many of you will go to the second scene where I am thankful to god for being so kind to me. 

In my opinion both the aspects are the two sides of the same coin. They are just the same. No difference. Well I can put it this way: In scene 1, I am cursing god for being so biased and giving luxuries to a friend who deserves nothing. In the 2nd senario, I am thanking him for being so kind as he had given me a healthy body and a good income for my family. Also I am in the position to help the beggar. First let us understand that, the friend of mine, myself and that beggar, all of us are the creation of god. In the first scene, I am comparing myself to my friend and cursing god, which I do the same in the second scene. I feel poor as my friend has an expensive car and I feel thankful as the beggar has no legs. The common thing in both the scenes is that I am comparing.  

How can I compare myself with God's creations? I have no right to consider myself above the beggar just because he is begging. He is also the god’s beautiful creation. Such thoughts create ego in man. I have no right to compare in both the scenarios. Hence when you curse or be thankful, don’t do it because you have entered the mode of comparison. Just be thankful to the god for your own existence. You are best the way you are and you are his best creation. In addition, when you are in the position to help someone, do not feel thankful or good about it as it will raise your ego and nothing else. So stop comparing and just be the way you are.  

- Dr. Dhananjay Patel

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