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The Clifton Chronicles-

BY Jeffrey Archer

I came across this series through my Di who was reading 3rd part ‘Best Kept Secret’ which she brought from the library and I couldn’t read it as I was not into books that much at the beginning. So when I spotted the first part displayed at some store, I immediately bought it and started reading it.

After reading few pages, I knew I was hooked. And the long exhilarating journey began, exploding suspense, mystery, love, loss, betrayal and ambitions through timelines.

This series is a Family saga which follows Clifton’s and Barrington’s and gives enough plot twists throughout 7 books and Cliff hangers at end of each ,keep it entertaining through all seven books.

The character development and their background stories keep you captivated throughout. I really like the main characters, even if they are sometimes a bit too good! The series have some bold villains and bitches but our main family somehow masters to navigate through all rough waters.

If you have read Jeffrey Archer’s previous books, then you probably know, His stories are not typical, He always try to bring something new in his own simple writing. Some authors earn their readers by their writing skills or storytelling abilities but Readers adore Jeffrey Archer for his stories which have amazing plot twists and his ability to leave the readers always curious and impatient.

I loved how author kept the story going and got me invested in the characters. You love those you were to love and loath the right ones too. Though at some story points, I am not sure They would do something like that. The historical references and descriptions had me looking up events and places. The narrator in this series is excellent.

The only negative I would have is that- the last book is a little flat. Until the very end, I felt like author was trying too hard to wrap up loose ends.

Only time will tell is the first book among the thrilling Clifton chronicles series, which begins by the birth of protagonist Harry Clifton. The book describes the journey from childhood to adulthood, uncovering mysteries of his late father or whether or not he was his father or not? The story, of course ends at the cliff-hanger where he should choose between war against Hitler or a position at oxford.

I will absolutely not give any more spoilers and will urge you to read this series ASAP.I would highly recommend this series if you love suspense, mystery and if you wish for a long escape in this lockdown period.

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