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The Alchemist-Paulo Coelho

Name Of Book : The Alchemist Author : Paulo Coelho No. Pages: 140

Paulo Coelho wrote the book The Alchemist. This book is about a little boy who works as a shepherd. However, his life turned out to be very different than he had anticipated owing to unforeseen circumstances. He met some strangers. They led him down several routes that proved to be watershed moments in his life. Then he began to move towards his density or his dream. But the road was not easy. He had to deal with a slew of issues. His life gets exciting as he travels to unknown places with unknown people. Which in turn motivates the reader.

When a youngster was having trouble, one man told him, "On this planet, there is one huge truth: whoever you are or whatever you do when you want something, it is because that desire originated in the soul of the cosmos. And it is your mission on this planet ".

When the boy was on his way to his density, he fell in love with a girl. And we believe that love is a negative force that prevents us from reaching our goals, but it actually teaches you how to accomplish your destiny.

Paulo Coelho would want to tell us how to choose your density or how to search and obtain it. And succeed in it. You will never be able to flee your heart. So it's best to pay attention to what it has to say. That way, you'll never have to worry about an unexpected blow.

However, the soul or end of this book is incredibly essential since it tells us that there is only one method to learn. It is done by action. You've learned everything you need to know along the way. You only need to learn one more thing.

Everyone should read this book to learn how to get density and achieve their goals.

- Apoorv S. Kulkarni


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