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Will you be my friend?

“Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another, ‘What! You too? I thought I was the only one.”

– C.S. Lewis

Didn't most of our friendship start with that same line, the way C.S Lewis said. At least mine did. I am close with my friends with the same understanding of things and similar opinions and from that we have come a long way. We have shared so much since the start of our friendship and enjoyed most of it. There are few things that have such a huge impact on our happiness and the enjoyment, the depth and plain fun of life as the friendships we have. It could be the friendship with our partners, family members, co-worker or the people we have known for a few years now or maybe since we were kids. Or even with people we have never met, who are living on the other side of the world. I have always admired this relationship where no one is obligated to do anything for the other, you do things and make efforts because you want to and not because you have to. Friendship is such a pure relationship between two people where each one is comfortable enough to speak their mind and at the same time respect each other for it too.

Now, the first time when we asked somebody to be our friend was probably the time when we were in kinder-garden and wanted to sit with someone to feel comforted or maybe there lunch box was fancy and wanted to have a part of it or maybe the pencil box was same as ours so the bonding started over it. Then, that friendship became thick and we continued or sometimes it gets tarnished because some other kid's lunch was fancier or let just say we were naïve back then and used to get immensely giddy over the fact that we were the one to get to go for chocolate distribution on birthday and not that other kid. And that was the beautiful treasure that we kept with us, because it made the school easy and the life happening. Then things got serious when we started growing up and analyzing the good and bad for us. This was the time when we started choosing who is good for us and who is just pretending to be one. This was the time when we started making actual friends and a bond was made between two people that made effort to grow their friendship for the better, isn't it. We treasure those friends now and forever.

Over these past months I was thinking how important it is to have good friends around you, who actually wants better for you and not just pretending. Tough time actually show you the real face of one another. I feel friends are those people who understand each other without even asking for it or they're those who are always there for you, even when sometimes, all you want is to rant your non-sense talk to them but what people tend to forget is that this is a two way street. Some are fortune enough that they get a lifetime deal of happiness and some are not. Those who are its because two people decided to make their friendship long last with communication being the biggest key of their relationship. It's when two people talk out everything and not just one person is doing the part and other is trying to avoid the heart to heart talk just because they justify this as their natural behavior but in fact its their issue of not being honest with their feelings, because the other person can talk about every xyz life information but not theirs umm? let just say things are not going two way. As I said communication is the key of friendship it's also because how you say things to each other on different scenario matters. If you respect one another you also respect each others opinion, not agreeing with everything the other says but sometimes agree to disagree is not a bad option.

In times like this we need those comforters because sometimes just a little encouragement can do wonders and you push yourself for another day to do better. Sometimes we need that comfort from a person who will tell us things will get better when everything is going south. And maybe its just words but its enough for us to deal with everything. If you've that comforter around you don't let go and also be someone's comforter try to be someone's friend and open for conversations because sometimes its enough even when you are just ears to someone. Try to be a real friend not the hippy who is only available when there's good for you. At least try to be civil with everyone and not gloat and be ugly with your behavior because this is the year where we're learning a lot about who we are as a person so try to be better version of yourself. Be the friend you want for yourself, try to be nice not for the gram but for your own inner peace. The time we have in our hand is to do so much and can repair so many things and relation that we never thought were damaged in the first place. Try to be the first one to take the step and be that comforter to someone. Sometimes all w n is that easy flowing conversation where the other person is not judging us an w an pour our hart out to that person. So try to become someone's person.

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