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People always want the things they can’t have…and it has been highlighted to me right now, when we are in the pandemic…and can’t have all the things easily. In this lock-down I realized, even though I have money I can’t have all the food I love, not having all the things I love the most about summer….mangoes and ice cream, not celebrating mom and dad’s birthday properly, not going outside of the house for like 2 months.

This lock-down made me realize that even though I could not have outside food; I could make it in the home with all the ingredients that I had….and more or less (not counting the efforts behind it)…it tasted somewhat similar (better because I made it 😜)….For all it’s worth, it made me realize I actually can make a dish and call it tasty…and it could be liked by my mom.

I am telling this because it just came to me that if we would not have been in lock-down I would never have given it any thought that I can make tasty food….

In this lock-down we should cherish the hobbies we once had or still have….we should appreciate the time that has given to us.…I always loved to read books….but there were always lack of time or shortage of money that I couldn’t buy my favorite author…in this lock-down I have read at least 2 new authors and rekindled with some of my all-time favorite authors. I am not saying everybody will be sharing my love for books…but everybody should give it a try…once you fall in love with books….every character they introduce to you is different in their own way…some give us magical experience…some take us to the tour of the world…..some lead us into a mystery…some take us into historical era…some show us the scandalous journey of murder…some scare us to death…some show us the beauty of love…basically just choose the genre you love and get on with it…get hooked. Books explain the things that no movie can possibly show…the details you miss when watching a movie can never be missed while reading a book. So basically what I am suggesting is lock-down is the time to start a new hobby…and it could be reading 😉).

I saw a funny thing yesterday…my table tennis coach posted a video of him and his wife playing table tennis on dining table. The reason I am telling you this is ,it inspired me a lot. So what we don’t have proper equipment to play a sport we love…we still can get innovative and play the sport we love at home.Basically I am just saying you can always give some twist to your favorite sport and try to make it indoorsy.

Maybe this lock-down isn’t bad if we take a positive look on it…I mean every time I open social account…there are people embracing their hidden talents….or taking time to improve their skills…or someway or other people are finding a way to stay sane in lock-down. Maybe there are things we want…because they are easy and accessible…but even if we take down the accessible part…things are not that difficult…people can find a way to reach to things they want. And if they can’t get it right now…someday they will…

But this made me realize something important…something that I would not have realized otherwise…

I was crying for not having my favorite food…but there are people who are not getting any food to eat…here I was crying for mangoes and ice cream….there are people who are crying for a bottle of water….here I was upset about not getting to go outside…people are not able to reach their homes. So give it a moment’s thought that at least we have a home and family (which I am sure they are trying to make your life difficult…but still love you) beside us. Let’s be thankful to what we are getting and try to make a positive attitude of this whole pandemic. And let’s be thankful for Netflix and prime and all other media partners and authors (who have written such amazing books) out there…who are keeping us entertained amidst all this.

People can’t always have things they want, but it’s okay because they are always getting the best that they possibly could.

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