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The Content Writing Competition

English | मराठी | हिंदी

We all have a writer or poet inside us, it takes a little push to discover that side. This is why 'The Leading Phase' has organized a content writing competition 'Kalam-Kari' , to encourage people to write and explore their talent of expressing their thoughts via writing.

Winners of 'Kalam-Kari'

English Section

  • NGUYEN THI THU HUONG - Develop Doan Hung pomelo and Gia Thanh persimmon commodities and follow market orientation

  • Bhushan Gaonkar - Think Beyond The Weighing Scale

  • Rujuta Sameer Joshi - Maharashtra-A Vibrant Tourist Destination

  • Dr.Upena Dalal - Do The Females Need Empowerment?

  • Deepali Nayak - Busting the Myths of Positivity

  • Ravindra Bhave - Random Metaphysical Musing: GOD, GOD, AND GOD!!!

  • Fatemeh Owrang - The Art of Patriarchy and Equal Rights For Women

हिंदी विभाग 

  • Vibhavari Vitkar - आजकल

  • Makarand Ramakant Jena - स्त्री

  • Pratiksha Lodha - घर की अनिवासी बेटी 

मराठी विभाग 

  • Aparna N Tamaskar - आई पणाचे ओझे

  • Sachin S. Sangare - कोविड - महाराष्ट्रासाठी समाजशास्त्रीय अग्रक्रम

  • Mrs.Madhavi Yashwant Masurkar - संत श्री समर्थ रामदास स्वामी

  • Jyoti R. Kulkarni - देह दुर्लभ निरूपण


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