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Part 10 -Savarkar : The Journey To The End

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In the last article we have seen how Savarkar was busy in the socialist activities and his hidden contribution in the political issues. His heartfelt love towards the nation and his vow to build the nation made him active and passionate.

He was not only a social reformer, writer or poet but his personality was so versatile that it is really difficult and unjust to label him.

His contribution in the field of literature should be appreciated. He formed and developed many new words to sustain the life of Marathi language and Devnagri script in the modern era. He suggested some changes in Devnagri script to make it printable. He wrote almost 12,000 pages of different literary genres based on his own ideas.

Considering his literary contribution he was selected as the president of ‘Maharashtra Sahitya Parishad’ which was held in Mumbai in the year 1938. In his Presidential speech he suggested many changes in the Marathi language to make it survive the modern era. He said, " Throw your pens and hold guns". He further said, ‘Literature is nothing but the mere reflection of the society. If we want to enhance our literature we should make ourselves powerful enough to safeguard it. Our culture and literature would remain unaffected and genuine.’

The terms, a Politician and a Public Leader differ tremendously. Being a speculative, visionary leader is rare. But Savarkar was the epitome of the both. To quote some examples -

  • To be the superpower, he had suggested the Indian government and the Indians to be aware of China. We are still trying to cope up with the economical and boundary related issues.

  • He had suggested to separate the two Pakistans i.e. West Pakistan & East Pakistan (Bangladesh) for the betterment of the country and was proved right by the Prime Minister Indira Gandhi when she separated the two states Pakistan and Bangladesh in 1971.

  • He had warned to decide the boundary of India and we are still facing the same dispute with China, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Nepal.

  • He had suggested to make India a Nuclear Super power , a Nuclear State but was neglected and then how we have suffered to have our say in NPT (Non-Proliferation Treaty) of Nuclear Weapons is well known.

  • He had suggested that every society sustains on the basis of the greatest Army and intelligent teachers so we must strive hard to enhance them.

What is the reality today? We all are wise enough to identify ourselves.

His suggestions were neglected. He was made a victim in the assassination of Mahatma Gandhi purposefully in 1948. But he was proved innocent and freed by the special court. Again he was blamed by the Kapoor Commission saying that the assassination was planned by Savarkar and his followers. But the government didn't apply against the justice of the special court. So the blame proved nothing.

The then minister of law and justice Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar told Advocate Bhoptkar privately ,"All are false blames, all evidences are false, they are planned purposefully by some people. All the ministers were against these blames as Savarkar was purposefully blamed by a senior leader. Even Sardar Patel could not help to solve the matter. He was sure that being innocent Savarkar would win the battle.” Dr. Ambedkar attended the hearings to show how the law ministers, the intellectuals were eager to know the decision of the Commission. Later, the supreme court supported the decision of the special court and denied the false blames of the Kapoor Commission.

India was independent so Savarkar dissolved the two secret organizations, ‘Abhinav Bharat’ and ‘Free India society’ in 1952. He said," The pure purpose of these organizations is served. The revolutionary thoughts which were used against the foreign rulers should be converted according to the law and Constitution of our country.'

Savarkar was actively participating as a social reformer, political activist and as the Secretary of the ‘Hindu Mahasabha’ till 1963. His beloved wife Yamunabai passed away on 8th November 1963. Bring old aged he could not actively participate and contribute to social welfare as well. He felt that , ‘If I am unable to contribute in the welfare of my country ,I must not burden my land with this disabled body.’ He started ‘Prayopveshan’, and practiced fasting till death from 1st February 1966. He had described the scientific process of ‘Prayopveshan’ in his articles 'Suicide and Self-sacrifice' in detail. He passed away at his house in Mumbai on 26 February 1966, in the morning at 11.10 am. The news spread all over the country. Millions of people flocked to pay tribute to the great visionary leader.

The great leader physically departed at the age of 82 years on 26th February 1966 but the thoughts he sowed in our souls would never die.

- Apoorv Shriniwas Kulkarni

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