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Visit to Andaman

My poem in Marathi inspired by my trip to Andaman..

I wrote this after visiting Andaman and experiencing the light and sound show in the cellular jail, the cell in the corner of the jail where Savarkar stayed and the museums in Anadaman depicting stories of the torture.

कारागृह पाषाणाचे, विरघळले.. कळवळले, पाहून हाल वीराचे, त्या नयनि आसु ओघळले

द्रवले न हृदय आंग्लांचे, छळूनी त्या विनायकाला,पक्षिणी कुठुनशी येई, घावांना फुंकरण्याला....

बंदिवान केली काया, मन कसे बंधनी येई, प्रतिभा अलौकिक त्याची, उत्तुंग भरारी घेई

भिंतीचा कागद झाला, लिहीण्यास न होती शाई, शब्दांवरी शब्द उमटले, अमरकाव्य निर्मिती होई...

वेचिले यौवन अवघे, देशाच्या स्वातंत्र्यास्तव..राहून कोठडीतुनही, स्वप्ने देशाची भव्य..

जाणतो आजही आम्ही, त्यागाची तुमच्या महती..नतमस्तक होतो नकळत तुमच्या प्रतिमेपुढती..

कारा न राहिली कारा, मंदिर तिचे जाहले, स्पर्शाने विनायकाच्या, देवत्व कोठीला आले

काळे न राहिले पाणी, जणु अमृत त्याचे झाले, पुण्याचा प्रभाव कैसा, तीर्थक्षेत्र जन्मा आले..

- डॉ अंजली देशपांडे

Recently I visited Andaman, which used to be called as 'Kale Pani' in Marathi during the British era. This word was used as it was very difficult for people to go there and stay. It is now considered as a holy place, which is blessed with the stay of Swatantryaveer Vinayak Damodar Sawarkar.

Since childhood I have been reading about the Savarkar's sacrifice for the freedom of India and reading his books in the young age, has created a great respect, not only because of his patriotism, but also his contribution to the Literature.

I had learnt a poem in school which used to bring tears to my eyes.

When Vinayak's mind was flooded with thoughts and poems, he had no paper, no pen to write them. He tried to take help from Sky and Earth. They refused saying that you are a prisoner and we are so free. How can we help you? But then the wall of that small cell in the jail comes forward and says, "I am ready to help you.. You write on me" and the history it created is well known in the form of epic "Kamala"

The poem in Marathi written by Kavi Manamohan is so touching that everytime I read, it makes my eyes wet. The youth of such a talented person has been cursed with such a terrible punishment.

I am giving this poem here for the readers..

Poem by Kavi Manmohan

मी मुक्तामधले मुक्त, तू कैद्यांमधला कैदी।

माझे नि तुझे व्हायाचे, ते सूर कसे संवादी?

माझ्यावर लिहिती गीते, या मंद-समीरण लहरी।

माझ्यावर चित्रित होते, गरूडाची गर्द भरारी।।

जड लंगर तुझिया पायी, तू पीस कसा होणार?

माझ्याहून आहे योग्य, भूमीला प्रश्न विचार।।

आभाळ म्हणाले ‘नाही’, भूमिही म्हणाली ‘नाही’।

मग विनायकाने त्यांची, आळवणी केली नाही।।

पापण्यांत जळली लंका, लाह्यांपरि आसू झाले।

उच्चारून होण्याआधी, उच्चाटन शब्दां आले।|

की जन्म घ्यायच्या वेळी, गंगेस हिमालय नाही।

शाई न स्पर्शली असूनी, हे अभंग नदिच्या‘बाही’।।

दगडाची पार्थिव भिंत, तो पुढे अकल्पित सरली।

‘मी कागद झाले आहे, चल ‍‍‍‍‍‍लिही’ असे ती वदली।|

- कवी मनमोहन

Veer Savarkar will never be forgotten and will keep inspiring us. Now since we are locked down at home, we don't grumble as we remember our Hero who has spent 10 precious years of his youth fighting for his country's freedom.

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